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Other Desert Cities

This play by Jon Robin Baitz, set in Palm Springs at the home of a politically connected Republican family, raises provocative questions about what artists owe to their own history and what do they owe to the people who share that history.  Can we use our life stories to make literature and find catharsis if those stories hurt our families?

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A Minister’s Wife

This is a new musical based on Candida, a play by George Bernard Shaw. The plot involves a young romantic poet, Eugene Marchbanks, who challenges the domestic bliss of a clergyman Morell, and his attractive wife, Candida. The poet is enamored of Candida and convinced that she cannot be content with the settled life she leads with the eloquent sermonizer and argues vehemently against the husband’s smug rhetoric. Eugene and Morell force Candida to make a choice between them. Candida, clear in her opinion and slightly contemptuous of the two men’s rivalry, chooses Morell.

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