The poster renders the legendary composer lyricist in McMullan's signature style, surrounded by sketches of his various iconic characters.

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Person Place Thing

James McMullan has created images for magazine stories, books for adults and children, record covers, US stamps, murals and animated films - this week on Person Place Thing - a conversation about illustrators, editors, and art directors.

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Air Mail - Ed Sorel’s favorite books

To call Ed Sorel an illustrator would not only be a disservice to the man but to the entire discipline. Fairly speaking, he is the dean of American illustrators, a lodestar for an entire generation of satirists and caricaturists.

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Air Mail - I ❤️ MG

When, in 1964, Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast invited me, an “emerging” talent, to become the third artist in that decade to join the already renowned Push Pin Studios, some people in the field were no doubt baffled. 

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Art Pulse Magazine

Since I have always taken pleasure in the immediacy of drawing and its reflection of the moment in which it was made, I think the Chinese paintings in our Cheefoo house had an influence in that attitude. I have never been attracted to art that is painstakingly rendered to achieve illusory effects. I also respect that drawing can reveal the struggle and imperfection of its creation as well as the energy and beauty of its subject.

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SVA Subway Series Hall of Fame

Last week, former SVA faculty member James McMullan, who taught various illustration classes for over 30 years, was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. This week, we're honoring his place in another pantheon of graphic arts greats: the SVA Subway Series Hall of Fame.

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Society of Illustrators - 2018 Hall of Fame

Arriving at Grand Central Station one morning in 1990, I was transfixed by a poster that hung to the side of Gate 22. I stopped to stare, thus becoming an annoying impediment to those rushing to work. The poster was unlike any other I’d ever seen. 

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Vanity Fair -Meet the Illustrator Behind Lincoln Center's Most Memorable Posters

James McMullan, the Toulouse-Lautrec of contemporary New York, has captured the city’s cultural pulse with his inimitable posters for the Lincoln Center Theater. After three decades, the artist still treats his daunting mandate as if he were just starting out.

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CUNY - Arts in the City

News China - Leaving China: A WWII Boyhood

The New York Times

No other living artist is more closely identified with an American theater company than James McMullan. For 30 years, his painterly posters for Lincoln Center Theater have been turned into collectibles that are more than advertising: They’re synonymous with the shows themselves. It’s hard to think of “Carousel” without recalling his artwork for the 1994 revival that depicts a brooding Billy Bigelow, vividly illuminated from below, atop wooden horses that rear beneath an angry sky.

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