Theater Posters

I started creating theater posters in the mid 1970s, first for the producer Alexander H. Cohen, and then starting in 1986, for Lincoln Center Theater as their Principal Poster Artist.

The over ninety posters I have designed vary in stylistic approaches, from pastel to ink to watercolor but all use the human figure as the basic metaphorical material to express my concept of the play. This view of the figure, often including his or her feet, is a departure from the more common modernist esthetic of filling the poster rectangle with a large head or other “up close” object.

What I hope to achieve through this delineating of the human body’s subtle changes of posture is a psychologically charged image that reflects the play’s central drama. The many variations within the body’s expressiveness and the uniqueness of every actor I am privileged to watch and to draw is like a fountainhead of possibilities that I feel I can never exhaust.

In 2017, to celebrate my thirty-second year of affiliation with Lincoln Center Theater, a permanent exhibit of twenty-one of my poster originals was mounted in the lobby of the Mitzi Newhouse Theater.

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